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Primary and General Election Results August 7, 2014

Although the election returns came in differently and our radio crew was asked to leave the Hardison Annex before we could completely report the results after waiting for 3 hours for the returns, WJJM was able to get the totals announced by 10:30 Thursday night. 

Marshall County has 8 new commissioners, a new sheriff, a new Circuit Court Clerk, and Chapel Hill has a new Mayor. 

Final Totals for Marshall County: 

Governor: Republican Primary: Bill Haslem with 2043 votes 83.67% of the vote 

Republican US Senate Race: Joe Carr with 1860 votes 49.59% of the vote 

Republican US House 4th Congressional District: Jim Tracy with 1852 votes 50.38% of the vote 

Republican TN House 82nd Rep. District: Billy Spivey with 3299 votes 

Republican State Exec. Cmmittmn D-14: Lance Frizzell with 984 

Republican State Exec. Cmmttmn D 14: Jim Sandman with 1391 votes 

Republican State Exec Cmmttwmn D 14: Lynne Davis with 1617 votes 

Governor: Democrat Primary: Charles V. “Charlie” Brown with 628 votes 

Democrat US Senate Race: Gordon Ball with 601 votes 38.77% of the votes 

Democrat US House 4th Cong. Dist.: Lenda Sherrell with 1444 votes 

Democrat TN House 92nd Rep district: Vicki Cain with 1688 votes 

Democrat State Exec Commttmn D 14: Mark F. Farrar with 1382 votes 

Democrat State Exec Cmmttwmn D 14: Brenda Ables with 790 votes 

Circuit Court Judge Part 1 17th District: Brooke C. Grubb with 3129 votes 

Circuit Court Judge Part 2 17th District: Lee Russell with 5259 votes 

Chancellor 17th District: J.B. Cox with 4916 votes 

Dist. Atty general 17th Dist.: Robert J Carter with 4568 votes

Public Defender 17th Dist.: Donna Orr Hargrove with 4118 votes 60.05% of the votes 

County Mayor: Joe Boyd Liggett with 3557 votes 50.73% of the votes 

County Commissioner District 1: Dean Delk with 742 votes and Mike Waggoner 465 votes 

County Commissioner District 2: E.W. Hill with 414 votes and Joseph Warner with 316 votes 

County Commissioner District 3: Anna Childress with 465 votes and R.L. Williams with 274 votes 

County Commissioner District 4: Mickey King with 573 votes and Jennifer Wheeler Smith with 514 votes 

County Commissioner District 5: Tony Beyer with 423 votes and Wesley W. Neese with 463 votes 

County Commissioner District 6: John H. Christmas with 271 votes and Sheldon T. Davis with 291 votes 

County Commissioner District 7: Daniel Vinton Morgan with 217 votes and Seth A. Warf 260 votes 

County Commissioner District 8:  Tina Cooper Lilly with 253 votes and Phil Willis with 249 votes 

County Commissioner District 9: Robert P. “Bob” Hopkins with 552 votes and Glen White with 540 votes 

County Trustee: Marilyn Ervin with 5556 votes 

Gen Sessions/ Juvenile Judge: lee Bussart Bowles with 5806 votes 

Marshall County Sheriff: Billy Lamb with 3529 votes 

Circuit Court Clerk:  Courtney Curtis Boatright with 3555 votes 

County Clerk: Daphne Riley Fagan with 6215 votes 

Register of Deeds: Dorris Wayne Weaver with 5834 votes 

Superintendent of Roads: Jerry Williams with 5906 votes 

School board member District #3: Kristen Gold 606 votes

School Board Member District #5: Julie Keny Cathey 779 votes 

School Board Member District #6: John Daniel Allen 309 votes 

School Board Member District #9: Donnie Moses 774 votes 

Mayor Town of Chapel Hill: Danny Bigham with 243 votes 

Aldermen Town of Chapel Hill: Houston (Buck) Bryant 233 votes, Jan Darnell 263 votes, and Thomas H. Lawrence 234 votes    

Judge City of Lewisburg: Barbara Gillespie Medley 1220 votes 

Aldermen Town of Petersburg: James Stanley Owen 14 votes, Kenneth Richardson 15 votes, Corey Smith 8 votes, and Barbara Woodward 14 votes 

Totals of the Public Defenders Race and circuit Court Judge Part 1for 3 other counties: 

Bedford (10 out of 11 Precincts) Forest Durard 5681 votes/ Brooke Grubb 1667 votes

                                             Rob Dalton  2715 votes/ Donna Orr Hargrove 4405 votes 

Lincoln County:  Forest Durard 2316 votes/ Brooke Grubbs 4706 votes

                            Rob Dalton 2944 votes/ Donna Orr Hargrove 4304 votes 

Moore County: Forest Durard 923 votes/ Brooke Grubbs 505 votes

                         Robert Dalton 755 votes/ Donna Orr Hargrove 666 votes 

Totals for this race:  Forest Durard 11,830 total votes compared to Grubbs 10,007 total votes 

Donna Orr Hargrove 12,139 total votes over Rob Dalton with 9152